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Steve Jarman is a life long resident of Pauls Valley.  He attended Pauls Valley Public Schools and graduated in 1972.


After graduating from high school he attended East Central University at Ada where he majored in math and minored in English.  This was where he discovered his talent for creative writing.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in 1976 and upon graduating from college received a Fine Arts Award for his poetry.


Almost immediately after graduating from college Steve was hired to teach at Pauls Valley Middle School.  He taught 8th grade math and pre-algebra and occasionally would be called on to teach an 8th grade English class.  Steve taught at the middle school for twenty years.


In 1981, after spending five years in the teaching profession, Steve realized that buying a new pair of shoes on a teacher's salary was a major financial decision.  He had set a goal for himself to build a home near Lake Arbuckle and an opportunity came along to buy his uncle's exterminating business.  Steve had worked for his uncle during high school.  So, in January of 1981 he bought Valley Termite Company.  A man once asked Steve, "You teach and run an exterminating company.  What do you do in your spare time?"  Steve replied, "I'm building a house."  The man was stunned.  


In 1985, with the help of many friends and family members, Steve completed his lake house.


In 1987 Steve took up scuba diving.  He continued taking scuba courses and in 1992 he became a scuba diving instructor.  Now he was teaching, running an exterminating business and teaching scuba lessons.


During his twenty years of service at the Pauls Valley Middle School Steve got his students involved in programs such as Mathathon, an annual fundraising event for Saint Jude's Children's hospital.  He also had his students participating in Mathcounts, a nationwide competition for 7th and 8th grade students sponsored by the National Society for Professional Engineers.


It was during these years that he and fellow faculty member Floyd Johnson got their students involved in The JASON Project.  The JASON Project is an international, interactive program that was started by famed oceanographer Dr. Robert Ballard after returning from the expedition where he found the wreck of the Titanic.  Students were allowed to work in real time with Bob Ballard and the world's foremost authorities in their scientific fields.


In 1994, one of Floyd's students, Jennifer Mann, was selected to be a Student Argonaut and traveled to Belize with Ballard and worked in the rain forest canopy with scientists such as Dr. Meg Lowman, the world's foremost authority on rain forest canopies.


When she returned from Belize Steve taught Jennifer and her younger brother, Justin, to scuba dive.  Then in 1996, Justin was selected to be a Student Argonaut.  He was one of the very first students allowed to scuba dive during a JASON expedition .  He dove off of and worked around the Aquarius, an underwater lab set in sixty feet of water off the coast of Key Largo.  He worked alongside oceanographer Dr. Jerry Wellington performing experiments on the effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays on coral.


Then, in July of 1998 Steve was selected to travel with a group of twenty-six teachers and scientists to the rain forests of Peru to participate in The JASON/Stardust Summer Teachers Institute.  While there the teachers were asked to participate in the same activities that the students would be participating in six months later during the tenth expedition. They were then asked to contribute any ideas they might have to the JASON staff so that students at home could experience what the students on site were experiencing.


In 1997, Steve was transferred to teach at the Pauls Valley High School.  There he taught algebra, geometry, English and JASON Project.  While at the high school Steve got the opportunity to coach the high school academic team.  During those years the academic teams won two regional competitions, one area competition and advanced to the state competition for two straight years.  


In 2008, after thirty-one years of service, Steve "checked in his chalk" to pursue other endeavors.  He still does exterminating work even though he admits that his days of crawling underneath houses and fighting snakes, skunks, centipedes and scorpions are over.  


In 2005, Steve earned his Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating.  This year makes twenty-five years that he has taught scuba and he admits that as long as he feels good he's going to continue teaching people to dive.


Steve's awards include:

  • East Central University's Fine Arts Award, 1976
  • Pauls Valley Middle School Teacher of the Year Award, 1980-1981 and 1992-1993
  • Teacher Appreciation Award, Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics, 1986
  • The JASON Project's Public Service Award, 2003
  • finalist for The JASON Project's Hilda E. Taylor Award, 2004
  • Oklahoma Academic Coaches Association Coach of the Year Award, 2007
  • finalist for the DAN/Rolex Diver of the Year Award, 2009

         (DAN, Diver Alert Network, located at Duke University presents the DAN/Rolex Award to              divers who promote dive education and dive safety.)


During his thirty-one years as a teacher Steve has served his profession by working at local, regional, state and national levels.  He served on the Pauls Valley negotiation team from the late 1970's until he retired in 2008, and in the early 1990's he served as the chair of the subcommittee on taxation and revenue for the National Education Association's Compensation Task Force.

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