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Oklahoma MUST fund their schools to allow students to achieve excellence.


Over the past ten years school funding has gone down steadily.  Teachers have left the state or left eh teaching profession in search of better paying jobs.  Class sizes have increased, textbooks are outdated and there are not enough textbooks for every student.  This must stop.


Oklahoma students must receive an education that gives them the knowledge and power to compete with students on a global basis.

The State Budget

Education is the number one issue but it's just the tip of the iceberg and Steve knows this.


Virtually all of the state's agencies offer people services and when cuts are made to people services people suffer.


Steve recently heard a case worker for the Department of Human Services comment that they have given up on getting a raise.  They just hope people don't die.  Case workers and staff have been cut past the bone.  People wait in line outside the Oklahoma State Mental Health offices hoping they can get in to see a counselor when one may be available a month later.


These are just a couple of examples of how our state's agencies have been choked down, yet the needs are ever  increasing.  These issues must be addressed.

School Safety

Each child, teenager and staff member should be able to attend school without being concerned for their safety.


Steve has been saying this for years and teachers agree.  You do not throw gas on a fire to put it out.  Weapons and schools do not mix.


Hospitals in Rural Areas

A hometown in crisis.

Our hospital received a stay

Pauls Valley General to remain open.  No guarantees made.

Pauls Valley Regional Medical Center in Jeopardy

Pauls Valley's hospital is in danger of closing

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