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Hospitals in Rural Areas

My hometown of Pauls Valley is a town in crisis.  This afternoon our city council will vote whether or not to close our hospital.  


Governor Fallin refused to accept the Affordable Health Care Act once it was offered to Oklahoma.  In an effort to keep our hospital the citizens of Pauls Valley voted to pass a quarter-cent sales tax.  In spite of this tax increase Pauls Valley sold the hospital to a private entity earlier this summer.  Now, it's down to this afternoon's decision.


When families and businesses want to move to a new location they look at several things the community has to offer them.  The two main things they look at are the schools and the hospital provided they have a hospital.


I fear this is going to hurt my home town.  Recently, we passed a bond issue to build a new school for grades K through 4.  But, we must have a hospital.


Within the past four years Governor Fallin closed the Southern Oklahoma Resource Center just south of town.  At one time this was the largest employer in the southern half of the state.  Now, we are staring at losing our hospital.


This is just how important our elections are.  We can vote to propel us into the future or we can vote to send us into oblivion.  


I choose the future.

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