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Our hospital received a stay

The Pauls Valley city council met at 5:00 this afternoon only to go directly into executive session.


Approximately thirty minutes later they came out and announced that our hospital's staff would receive payment first thing tomorrow.  One staff member standing next to me said they did not receive their checks yesterday.


A representative from the new administration group then spoke and told a standing room only crowd that it was their intent to see that our hospital continue offering complete hospital services to the citizens of Pauls Valley and the surrounding communities.


He mention that there would be no guarantees.  Another staff member turned and told me that we may be going through this all over again in three months.  I don't recall the man mentioning a three month time frame.  In other words, we may be going through this again within the next couple of weeks.  I hope not.


One thing I do recall hearing him say was that there were forty-four surgeries performed at our hospital over the past two weeks.  He also stated that two of the surgeons who performed these surgeries wanted to move to Pauls Valley because they like the hospital.


Anyway, a lot of people breathed a sigh of relief once the announcement was made.  Let's hope we don't go through this again anytime soon.


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