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Pauls Valley Regional Medical Center in Jeopardy

The Pauls Valley Regional Medical Center is in danger of being closed for good.


The hospital's woes began approximately seven years ago when Governor Mary Fallin rejected federal funds offered by The Affordable Care Act which most people refer to as Obamacare.  The governor turned down a total of eight billion dollars over a period of ten years ($800,000,000 per year for ten years).  Supposedly, her rational for turning down the funding was because she did not want the citizens of Oklahoma to have to pick up the expense at the end of that ten year period.

Once the funding was rejected the city of Pauls Valley had to pass a one-quarter cent sales tax to keep the hospital open.  In spite of passing this local sales tax the hospital had to file for bankruptcy


This past summer the hospital was forced to sell to a private entity.  Later in the summer it was sold to another private entity.  The first buyer held a $500,000 lien against the hospital and has threatened to close the hospital doors if that amount was not paid in full by the end of the fourth week of September.


Two town hall meetings have been held in the past two weeks and in the most recent meeting which was held on Sunday, September 16th Alliance representative announced that the hospital would not be able to make payroll on Monday the 17th.


Many employees continued showing up for work in spite of not getting paid for the simple reason they have held their jobs there for so long that they had no place else to go.


Ladies who worked as cooks in the hospital's cafeteria were having bake sales in an effort to try to keep the doors open.  A barbecue was held from noon until 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 23rd in an effort to raise funds for the hospital's foundation.


This past July, Steve spoke to a group of teachers at the Oklahoma Education Association's SW Leadership Conference in Duncan, Oklahoma and told them about the events that lead up to the hospital selling out to the first private entity.  While speaking, many of the teachers in attendance sat their and nodded their heads. They understood what he was saying.  Their hospitals in the southwest region of the state were going through similar situations.


In the meantime, the response from 23rd and N. Lincoln has been one of absolute silence.


Steve made the comment, "I have read derogatory remarks about our hospital on my Facebook page.  One person made the comment, "Let Death Valley die."  On the morning of September 2nd I had to take my ninety-five year old mother to the emergency room.  Dr. Tammy Jarvis was on call that morning.  Her diagnosis was accurate and the nursing staff took excellent care of her while she was there.  People don't realize just how important our rural hospitals are.  Governor Fallin's refusal to accept the funds offered by the Affordable Care Act has been devastating to our rural hospitals," says Steve.


A Go Fund Me website has been set up for people who wish to donate to the Pauls Valley Hospital Foundation.

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