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Pauls Valley's Hospital

It's just after 11:00 p.m. and just a few minutes ago I learned from my primary care physician and good friend Dr. Kim Jones that the Pauls Valley Regional Medical Center has closed its doors - for good.


There are a lot of questions going through my head right now.  I had surgery out there this past January.  Do I continue paying my monthly bill?  If so. to whom?


I have a doctor's appointment the first week of December.  Doc is requesting that lab work be done.  Where do I go to get the lab work done?


Several years ago I remember attending one of Congressman Tom Cole's so-called town hall meetings which was  held so people could voice their opinions on "Obamacare."  I remember elderly people standing up and shaking their fists saying, "We don't want Obamacare.  But what are we going to do about going to the hospital?  We can't afford to go to the hospital."  Well, they don't have to worry about that, now.  There is a good possibility they don't have a hospital to go to, now.


There is a decision that I have to make before I go to sleep tonight.  Where will I take my ninety-five year old mother if I have to take here to an emergency room tonight?



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